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Kalliopi Education

Bespoke Tuition for All

Academic Year 2020 -2021

Online Group sessions for English and Maths.  £10 per student per session.  Minimum numbers apply for session to run.

Tutor Profile - Nikki Glynn

I am a professional teacher with over 10 years experience.  I went into teaching as I wanted to help and encourage young people to learn and succeed.  I believe everyone has the right to succeed in their learning, and that with the right support and encouragement everyone can achieve their potential.  I aim to turn "I can't" into "I can!"

Having taught in a range of primary and secondary schools over my teaching career, I have taught many different subjects.  My main subjects are Business and ICT/Computer Science.  I have also taught Maths, English, Citizenship, Media and Communication Studies.

I start by assessing your skills and together we will create a personalised learning plan that will address your areas for development.  I use a range of teaching styles to ensure that you develop your skills, knowledge and understanding in order to meet your target grade.  I believe that independent learning with guidance allows you to improve your performance and develop your skills.

Everyone learns differently and it is important to harness the right model for you; whether that be visual, written or kinaesthetic.  I ensure that a variety of practical activities are available in your preferred style to embed confidence into your learning.   

Anyone can succeed, you just need to believe in yourself, have an open growth mindset, and be given the support and encouragement that you deserve.  Believe in yourself and you will achieve!

What we offer

Kalliopi Education is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire and offers tuition across Key Stages 1-5 (ages 6 -18), and beyond. 

Currently, our main offerings are personalised 1-2-1 tuition from the tutor's home, in-home tuition (dependent on tutor availability and distance from Halifax), and online tuition.  We currently work online with both UK based and international students.

Kalliopi Education currently supports a number of home schooled students.  Contact us for more information regarding home school tuition.

Prices by negotiation, starting from £25 per hour.

Kalliopi Education is distinguished by the high level of service and support provided to our students.

Tuition Subjects


Whether it's algebra, geometry or trigonometry, we will help you overcome any mathematical challenge.


Whether it's grammar, language or literature, we will push you in the right direction to make English more plain.

 Computer Science / Business

Whether it's coding, marketing or finance, we will build your business acumen.

Exam Preparation

Whether it's 11+, GCSEs, or A levels, we will embed the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to achieve.

What Our Customers Say

Computer Science

Nikki is an absolutely fantastic tutor. She understands the needs of the child and the requirements of the curriculum and adjusts her training techniques to suit. Nikki is friendly, informative and has lots of experience. I used another tutor prior to finding Nikki and there is no comparison, my daughter was much happier after just one lesson and continues to enjoy her studies. I would definitely recommend Nikki to anyone looking for a tutor in the area.



Excellent and patient tutor.  My daughter really struggled with maths but with help from Nikki she went into her GCSE maths exam with confidence.



Thanks Nikki for all your help and support, James couldn't have done it so stress free without your help, and if my younger son needs any help I'll know where to come.



Thanks Nikki for helping me with my A Level Business. Really boosted my confidence and made me achieve a lot more by providing me with all the knowledge and getting me exam ready.  Really good tutor and would recommend.


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